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Maternal and Infant Nutrition

Promoting the best nutrition for mothers and babies

INFANT's Maternal and Infant Nutrition platform addresses unanswered questions in nutrition and health among mothers and children. Compromised nutrition can be the result of a number of factors, including supply limitations, increased requirements of lack of knowledge. As a result, pregnancy, lactation and infancy are affected. The absence of research data in this field makes creating nutritional recommendations difficult. 

Our research places importance on defining nutritional requirements for healthy physical and neurological development, in both healthy term and preterm infants. We are making valuable contributions to the investigation of nutrition's influence on chronic diseases like obesity, highlighting the societal impact of INFANT's work.  

INFANT's expertise in the field of micronutrients means that its research is industry facing, with a view to turning our science into products that are designed to optimize nutritional health for physical and neurological development and ensure a healthy functioning populace. 

Our nutrition studies include COMBINE and PiNPoINT

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