Doctor pointing at screen

Medical Devices

Designing tools for diagnosis and treatments

INFANT’s strong links with industry drive its research in Medical Devices. The expertise of our researchers has informed the design and post-marketing for a number of devices brought to market by our industry partners.

An example of our collaborative work can be found in the NEON sensor, a 12 EEG sensor array, which is single use. This device can be applied in less than 2 minutes by a clinician with minimal training and has universal connectivity to industry-standard EEG recording equipment.

INFANT’s approach on Connected Health combines elements of hardware electronics and software with clinical applications. We aim to provide local and remote monitoring solutions for the monitoring of pregnant women and newborn babies. By facilitating personalised healthcare in the home and community, INFANT meets the challenges facing early diagnosis of birth complications.

Our cloud-computing and data streaming projects are focused on the development of easy-to-use clinical devices, shortening development times and attracting funding to Irish-based small enterprises. Industry partners benefit from working with us, as our resources and research expertise help guide devices from the design phase through to release.

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