Baby feet in incubator

Perinatal Clinical Trials

Testing new treatments for mothers and babies

The INFANT Clinical Trials platform showcases the expertise of obstetricians, neonatologists, scientists, midwives, research nurses, biostatisticians and clinical trial managers in the centre. This constitutes over a decade of experience in all types of clinical trials, ranging from cohort studies to definitive interventions in perinatal care.

INFANT’s work in clinical trial management includes trial design, monitoring, biobank development, bio-statistician curation and trial methodology. INFANT’s network of more than 20 industry partners, including small enterprises and large multinational corporations, covers the diagnostics and therapeutics sectors.

In this manner, we have gained considerable knowledge of regulatory and industry standards. Our clinical trials platform works with Ireland’s unique position in the EU, wher birth rate is one of the highest in the EU, with a high concentration of births in a small number of hospitals. This environment allows INFANT to make its vital advances in perinatal medicine.

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