Mum weighing baby

Physiological Monitoring

Innovative methods of monitoring mothers and babies

INFANT has the largest database of neonatal physiological data in the world. We continue to store data from a number of on-going studies at sites across Europe for clinical trials.

Our research focuses on the development of automated algorithms which analyse our routinely collected physiological data. In the hands of our researchers, the information which we carefully collect and store will provide answers about the preterm brain and meet clinical needs. These algorithms will be translated into real-time software tools, which can be used at the cot side.

Currently, there is no simply way of assessing how the preterm brain is affected by prematurity. Up to 30% of extremely preterm infants are at risk of brain injury, including haemorrhage and ischaemia (inadequate blood supply), resulting in potentially lifelong consequences for the child. Professor Geraldine Boylan leads a multidisciplinary team, which conducts a number of innovative research projects in this thematic area at the centre.

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