Journal articles published by Prof. Geraldine Boylan in 2017

Below are the publications by Prof. Eugene Dempsey from throughout 2018, in APA format. Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Prof. Eugene Dempsey in 2018

  • Dempsey, Eugene M., and Afif Faisal El-Khuffash. "Objective cardiovascular assessment in the neonatal intensive care unit." Archives of Disease in Childhood-Fetal and Neonatal Edition 103.1 (2018): F72-F77.
  • Bansal, S. C., Caoci, S., Dempsey, E., Trevisanuto, D., & Roehr, C. C. (2018). The Laryngeal Mask Airway and Its Use in Neonatal Resuscitation: A Critical Review of Where We Are in 2017/2018. Neonatology113(2), 152-161.
  • Biesty, L. M., Egan, A. M., Dunne, F., Smith, V., Meskell, P., Dempsey, E., ... & Devane, D. (2018). Planned birth at or near term for improving health outcomes for pregnant women with pre‐existing diabetes and their infants. The Cochrane Library.
  • Watkins, C., Murphy, K., Dempsey, E. M., Murphy, B. P., O’Toole, P. W., Ross, R. P., ... & Ryan, C. A. (2018). The viability of probiotics in water, breast milk, and infant formula. European journal of pediatrics, 1-4.
  • Tobo, A. L. P., Svanberg, E. K., Dempsey, E., & Engels, S. A. (2018, April). Near Infrared Light Propagation Modeling of Infant Lung with Light Source Placed Inside Intubated Airway. In Clinical and Translational Biophotonics (pp. CF3B-4). Optical Society of America.
  • Straňák, Z., Feyereislová, S., Korček, P., & Dempsey, E. (2018). Placental Transfusion and Cardiovascular instability in the Preterm infant. Frontiers in pediatrics6, 39.
  • Garvey, A. A., & Dempsey, E. M. (2018). Applications of near infrared spectroscopy in the neonate. Current opinion in pediatrics30(2), 209-215.
  • Van Laere, D., Voeten, M., O’Toole, J. M., & Dempsey, E. (2018). Monitoring Circulation During Transition in Extreme Low Gestational Age Newborns: What’s on the Horizon?. Frontiers in Pediatrics6, 74.
  • Garvey, A. A., Kooi, E. M., & Dempsey, E. M. (2018). Inotropes for Preterm Infants: 50 Years on Are We Any Wiser?. Frontiers in Pediatrics6, 88.
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