Journal articles published by Prof. Louise Kenny in 2016

Below are the publications by Prof. Louise Kenny from throughout 2016, in APA format. Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Louise Kenny in 2016


  • Ahearne, C. E., Denihan, N. M., Walsh, B. H., Reinke, S. N., Kenny, L. C., Boylan, G. B., Broadhurst, D.I., & Murray, D. M. (2016). Early Cord Metabolite Index and Outcome in Perinatal Asphyxia and Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy. Neonatology110(4), 296-302.
  • Böhm, S., Curran, E. C., Kenny, L. C., O’keeffe, G. W., Murray, D., & Khashan, A. S. (2016). 67 The effect of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy on the risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in the offspring. Pregnancy Hypertension: An International Journal of Women's Cardiovascular Health6(3), 169-170.
  • Boyle, V. T., Thorstensen, E. B., Mourath, D., Jones, M. B., McCowan, L. M., Kenny, L. C., & Baker, P. N. (2016, March). The Relationship Between Vitamin D Status and Pregnancy Outcomes. In REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCES (Vol. 23, pp. 277A-277A). 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA: Sage Publications Inc.
  • Cecatti, J. G., Souza, R. T., Sulek, K., Costa, M. L., Kenny, L. C., McCowan, L. M., ... & Franchini, K. G. (2016). Use of metabolomics for the identification and validation of clinical biomarkers for preterm birth: Preterm SAMBA. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth16(1), 212.
  • Connell, M. A., Khashan, A. S., Warren, P. L., Neill, S. M., & Kenny, L. C. (2016, March). The Global Prevalence of Tocophobia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. In REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCES (Vol. 23, pp. 182A-182A). 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA: Sage Publications Inc.
  • Curran, E. A., Cryan, J. F., Kenny, L. C., Dinan, T. G., Kearney, P. M., & Khashan, A. S. (2016). Obstetrical mode of delivery and childhood behavior and psychological development in a British cohort. Journal of autism and developmental disorders46(2), 603-614.
  • Curran, E. A., Khashan, A. S., Dalman, C., Kenny, L. C., Cryan, J. F., Dinan, T. G., & Kearney, P. M. (2016). Obstetric mode of delivery and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a sibling-matched study. International journal of epidemiology, dyw001.
  • Curran, E. A., Kenny, L. C., & Khashan, A. S. (2016). Sibling Comparisons and Confounding in Autism Epidemiological Studies—Reply. JAMA psychiatry73(3), 303-303.
  • Curran, E. A., Khashan, A. S., O’Keeffe, G. W., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). 35 Hypertension in pregnancy and autism spectrum disorder in a British cohort: Long term consequences for mother and child. Pregnancy Hypertension: An International Journal of Women's Cardiovascular Health6(3), 153.
  • Duckworth, S., Griffin, M., Seed, P. T., North, R., Myers, J., Mackillop, L., Simpson, N., Anumba, D., Kenny, L.C., Redman, C. W., Shennan, A.H., & Chappell, L.C. (2016). Diagnostic biomarkers in women with suspected preeclampsia in a prospective multicenter study. Obstetrics & Gynecology128(2), 245-252.
  • Hawkes, C. P., Zemel, B. S., Kiely, M., Irvine, A. D., Kenny, L. C., O'B, H., & Murray, D. M. (2016). Body Composition within the First 3 Months: Optimized Correction for Length and Correlation with BMI at 2 Years. Hormone Research in Paediatrics86(3), 178-187.
  • Hayes-Ryan, D., O'Mahony, E., O'Donoghue, K., & Kenny, L. C. (2016, March). Prospective Cross-Sectional Study of Placental Growth Factor (PIGF) in Women with Multiple Pregnancy. In Reproductive Sciences (Vol. 23, pp. 138A-138A). 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA: Sage Publications Inc.
  • Kelleher, M. M., Dunn-Galvin, A., Gray, C., Murray, D. M., Kiely, M., Kenny, L.C, ... & Hourihane, J. O. B. (2016). Skin barrier impairment at birth predicts food allergy at 2 years of age. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology137(4), 1111-1116.
  • Kiely, M. E., Zhang, J. Y., Kinsella, M., Khashan, A. S., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). Vitamin D status is associated with uteroplacental dysfunction indicated by pre-eclampsia and small-for-gestational-age birth in a large prospective pregnancy cohort in Ireland with low vitamin D status. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition104(2), 354-361.
  • Linehan, L. A., Walsh, J., Morris, A., Kenny, L., O’Donoghue, K., Dempsey, E., & Russell, N. (2016). Neonatal and maternal outcomes following midtrimester preterm premature rupture of the membranes: a retrospective cohort study. BMC pregnancy and childbirth16(1),
  • McCarthy, C. M., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). 44 Mitochondrial superoxide scavengers mediate endothelial dysfunction in pre-eclampsia: Endothelial dysfunction, anti-angiogenic factors. Pregnancy Hypertension: An International Journal of Women's Cardiovascular Health6(3), 157-158.
  • McCarthy, C., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). Therapeutically targeting mitochondrial redox signalling alleviates endothelial dysfunction in preeclampsia. Scientific Reports6.
  • McCarthy, C. M., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). Mitochondrial [dys] function; culprit in pre-eclampsia?. Clinical Science130(14), 1179-1184.
  • McCarthy, C. M., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). Immunostimulatory role of mitochondrial DAMPs: alarming for pre‐eclampsia?. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology.
  • McCarthy, C. M., & Kenny, L. C. (2016, March). Mitochondrial-Targeted Antioxidants Mediate Endothelial Dysfunction in Pre-Eclampsia. In Reproductive Sciences (Vol. 23, pp. 135A-135A).  2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA: Sage Publications Inc.
  • McCarthy, F. P., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). The combination of maternal early pregnancy characteristics and current antenatal blood pressure measurement from 28 weeks’ gestation improves the prediction of women at risk of developing pre-eclampsia. Evidence Based Medicine, ebmed-2015.
  • Molyneaux, E., Pasupathy, D., Kenny, L. C., McCowan, L. M. E., North, R. A., Dekker, G. A., ... & SCOPE consortium. (2016). Socio-economic status influences the relationship between obesity and antenatal depression: Data from a prospective cohort study. Journal of affective disorders202, 124-127.
  • Murphy, N. M., McCarthy, F. P., Khashan, A. S., Myers, J. E., Simpson, N. A., Kearney, P. M., ... & Kenny, L. C. (2016). Compliance with National Institute of Health and Care Excellence risk-based screening for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in nulliparous women. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology199, 60-65.
  • ní Chaoimh, C., Murray, D. M., Kenny, L. C., Irvine, A. D., Hourihane, J. O. B., & Kiely, M. (2016). Cord blood leptin and gains in body weight and fat mass during infancy. European Journal of Endocrinology175(5), 403-410.
  • ní Chaoimh, C., McCarthy, E. K., Murray, D. M., Kenny, L. C., Irvine, A. D., Hourihane, B., & Kiely, M. (2016). Low prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in Irish preschoolers despite northerly latitude and high prevalence of inadequate intakes. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society75(OCE3).
  • O'Donovan, S. M., Hourihane, J. O. B., Murray, D. M., Kenny, L. C., Khashan, A. S., ní Chaoimh, C., Irvine, A.D., & Kiely, M. (2016). Neonatal adiposity increases the risk of atopic dermatitis during the first year of life. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology137(1), 108-117.
  • O'Keeffe, L. M., Kearney, P. M., Greene, R. A., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). Alcohol use during pregnancy. Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine26(6), 188-189.
  • O'Neill, S. M., Hannon, G., Khashan, A. S., Hourihane, J. O. B., Kenny, L. C., Kiely, M., & Murray, D. M. (2016). Thin-for-gestational age infants are at increased risk of neurodevelopmental delay at 2 years. Archives of Disease in Childhood-Fetal and Neonatal Edition, fetalneonatal-2016.
  • O’Neill, S. M., Curran, E. A., Dalman, C., Kenny, L. C., Kearney, P. M., Clarke, G., ... & Khashan, A. S. (2016). Birth by Caesarean section and the risk of adult psychosis: a population-based cohort study. Schizophrenia bulletin42(3), 633-641.
  • O'Raghallaigh, P., Woodworth, S., Kenny, LC., Adam, F. (2016). "IoT and the Emerging Role of Fictional Prototyping". 27th International Business Information Management Association
  • Williamson, R. D., McCarthy, C., Kenny, L. C., & O’Keeffe, G. W. (2016). Magnesium sulphate prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced cell death in an in vitro model of the human placenta. Pregnancy Hypertension: An International Journal of Women's Cardiovascular Health.
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