Journal articles published by Prof. Louise Kenny in 2017.

Below are the publications by Prof. Louise Kenny from throughout 2017, in APA format. Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Prof. Louise Kenny in 2017

  • Curran, E., Kenny, L.C., Dalman, C., Kearney, P.M., Cryan, J.F., Dinan, T.G., Khashan, A.S. (2017). "Birth by caesarean section and school performance in Swedish adolescents- a population-based study". BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 17.

  • Durnea, C.M., Khashan, A.S., Kenny, L.C., Durnea, U.A., Dornan, J.C., O' Sullivan, S.M., O' Reilly, B.A.. (2017). "What is to blame for postnatal pelvic floor dysfunction in primiparous women—Pre-pregnancy or intrapartum risk factors?". European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  • Flannery, C., Mc Hugh, S., Clifford, E., Kenny, L., McAuliffe, F., Byrne, M., Kearney, P. (2017)."Experiences of lifestyle management and support during pregnancy: a qualitative study". Bulletin of the European Health Psychology Society, 18.

  • Griffin, M., Seed, P.T., Duckworth, S., North, M., Myers, J., Mackillop, L., Simpson, N., Waugh, J., Medicine, M., Anumba, D., Kenny, L.C., Redman, C.W., Shennan, A.H., Chappell, L.C. (2017). "Prediction of delivering a small for gestational age infant and adverse perinatal outcome in women with suspected pre-eclampsia". Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 

  • Kenny, LC., McCarthy, F. (2017). "Omic Research". Introduction to Research Methodology for Specialists and Trainees. BookGoogle Books.

  • Togher, K., Kenny, LC., Keeffe, GOW. (2017). "Class-specific histone deacetylase inhibitors promote 11-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 expression in JEG-3 cells."

  • Togher, K., Khashan, A.S., Kenny, L.C., Stanton, C., Carafa, I, Murhpy, K., Keefe, G.W.O., Ryan, C.A., Cryan, J.F., Dinan, T.G., Clarke, G.(2017). "42 Depression-associated alterations in the maternal microbiome during pregnancy: priming for adverse infant outcomes?" BMJ Journal.

  • McCowan, Lesley M. E.; Thompson, John M. D.; Taylor, Rennae S.; Baker, Philip N., North, Robyn A.; Poston, Lucilla; Roberts, Claire T.; Simpson, Nigel A. B.; Walker, James J.; Myers, Jenny; Kenny, Louise C. (2017)."Prediction of Small for Gestational Age Infants in Healthy Nulliparous Women Using Clinical and Ultrasound Risk Factors Combined with Early Pregnancy Biomarkers." Plos One.
  • ní Chaoimh, C.; McCarthy, E.K.; Hourihane, J.B.; Kenny, L.C.; Irvine, A.D; Murray, D.M. & Kiely, M.E. (2017). "Low vitamin D deficiency in Irish toddlers despite northerly latitude and a high prevalence of inadequate intakes." European Journal of Nutrition
  • O'Connell, M.A., Leahy-Warren, P., Khashan, A.S., Kenny, L.C., O'Neill, S.M. (2017). "Worldwide prevalence of tocophobia in pregnant women: systematic review and meta-analysis." Acta Obstetrica et Gynelogica Scandinavia

  • O'Neill, Sinead M., Agerbo, E., Khashan, Ali S., Kearney, Patricia M., Henriksen, Tine B., Greene, Richard A., Kenny, Louise C. (2017). "Trial of labour after caesarean section and the risk of neonatal and infant death: a nationwide cohort study". BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 17.74.
  • Reynolds, A., O'Connell, SM, Kenny, LC., Dempsey, E. (2017) Transient neonatal hypercalcaemia secondary to excess maternal vitamin D intake: too much of a good thing. BMJ Case Reports
  • Williamson, Rachel D., McCarthy, C., McCarthy, Fergus P., Kenny, Louise C. (2017). "Oxidative stress in pre-eclampsia; have we been looking in the wrong place?" Pregnancy Hypertension: An International Journal of Women's Cardiovascular Health
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