Journal articles published by Prof. Declan Devane in 2016

Below are the publications by Prof. Declan Devane from throughout 2016, in APA format. Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Prof. Declan Devane in 2016

  • Alderdice, F., Mcneill, J., Lasserson, T., Beller, E., Carroll, M., Hundley, V., Sunderland, J., Devane, D. & Noyes, J., Key, S., Norris, S., Wyn-Davies, J., Clarke, M. (2016) "Do Cochrane summaries help student midwives understand the findings of Cochrane systematic reviews: The BRIEF randomised trial". Systematic Reviews
  • Brennan, M., Clarke, M., Devane, D. (2016) "The use of anti stretch marks' products by women in pregnancy: A descriptive, cross-sectional survey". BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.
  • Byrne, M.,Doherty, S.,Fridlund, B.G.,Mårtensson, J.,Steinke, E.E.,Jaarsma, T., Devane, D. (2016). Sexual counselling for sexual problems in patients with cardiovascular disease. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.
  • Dunne, F., Devane, D.,Newell, J., Gillespie, P., Tuthill, A., O. Donnell, M. (2016). "EMERGE: a randomized placebo controlled trial of early metformin in addition to usual care in the reduction of gestational diabetes mellitus effects." Irish Journal of Medical Science. 185. 377-378. 
  • Erhaze, E.K.,Dowling, M., Devane, D. Parental presence at anaesthesia induction: (2016) "A systematic review". International Journal of Nursing Practice
  • Fallon, A., van der Putten, D., & Dring, C., Moylett, E., Fealy, G., Devane, D. (2016). "Baby‐led compared with scheduled (or mixed) breastfeeding for successful breastfeeding." The Cochrane Library.
  • Gerdin, M., Clarke, M., Allen, C., Kayabu, B.,Summerskill, W., Devane, D. Maclachlan, M., Spiegel, P., & Ghosh, A., Zachariah, R., & Gupta, S., Barbour, V., Murray, V., Schreeb, J. (2016). "Chapter 2 Optimal Evidence in Difficult Settings: Improving Health Interventions and Decision Making in Disasters: Preparedness, Response, Resource Management, and Education".

  • Kirkham, J., Gorst, S., Altman, D., Blazeby, J., Clarke, M., Devane, D., Gargon, E., Moher, D., Schmitt, J., Tugwell, P., Tunis, S., Williamson, P.(2016) "Core Outcome Set–STAndards for Reporting: The COS-STAR Statement". PLOS Medicine

  • Sandall, J.,Soltani, H.,Gates, S.,Shennan, A., Devane, D. (2016) "Midwife-led continuity models versus other models of care for childbearing women". Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

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