Journal articles published by Prof. Eugene Dempsey in 2016

Below are the publications by Prof. Eugene Dempsey from throughout 2016, in APA format.  Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Prof. Eugene Dempsey in 2016

  • Arboleya, S., Stanton, C., Ryan, C. A., Dempsey, E., & Ross, P. R. (2016). Bosom Buddies: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Infants and Bifidobacterium longum ssp. longum and ssp. infantis. Genetic and Probiotic Features. Annual Review of Food Science and Technology7, 1-21.
  • Arabi, A. M., Ibrahim, S. A., Ahmed, S. E., MacGinnea, F., Hawkes, G., Dempsey, E., & Ryan, C. A. (2016). Skills retention in Sudanese village midwives 1 year following Helping Babies Breathe training. Archives of disease in childhood, archdischild-2015.
  • Barrington, K. J., Dempsey, E. M., & BAO, M. (2016). Pharmacologic Therapies III: Cardiovascular Therapy and Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn. Assisted Ventilation of the Neonate, 362.;dmnum=12449
  • Finn, D., Boylan, G. B., Ryan, C. A., & Dempsey, E. M. (2016). Enhanced Monitoring of the Preterm infant during Stabilization in the Delivery Room. Frontiers in Pediatrics4
  • Finn, D., Boylan, G. B., Ryan, C. A., & Dempsey, E. M. (2016). Response: Commentary: enhanced monitoring of the Preterm Infant during Stabilization in the Delivery room. Frontiers in Pediatrics4
  • Finn, D., O’Neill, S. M., Collins, A., Khashan, A. S., O’Donoghue, K., & Dempsey, E. (2016). Neonatal outcomes following elective caesarean delivery at term: a hospital-based cohort study. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine29(6), 904-910.
  • Hawkes, G. A., Finn, D., Kenosi, M., Livingstone, V., O'Toole, J. M., Boylan, G. B., O'Halloran, K.D.,  Ryan, A.C., & Dempsey, E. M. (2016). A Randomized Controlled Trial of End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Detection of Preterm Infants in the Delivery Room. The Journal of Pediatrics
  • Healy, D. B., Brennan, A. M., O'Donovan, R., Daly, V., Doolan, A., & Dempsey, E. M. (2016). Structured promotion of breastmilk expression is associated with shortened hospitalisation for very preterm infants. Acta Paediatrica105(6), e252-e256.
  • Linehan, L. A., Walsh, J., Morris, A., Kenny, L., O’Donoghue, K., Dempsey, E., & Russell, N. (2016). Neonatal and maternal outcomes following midtrimester preterm premature rupture of the membranes: a retrospective cohort study. BMC pregnancy and childbirth16(1), 1.
  • McDonald, F. B., Dempsey, E. M., & O'Halloran, K. D. (2016). Effects of Gestational and Postnatal Exposure to Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia on Diaphragm Muscle Contractile Function in the Rat. Frontiers in Physiology7
  • McDonald, F. B., Dempsey, E. M., & O'Halloran, K. D. (2016). Early Life Exposure to Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Primes Increased Susceptibility to Hypoxia-Induced Weakness in Rat Sternohyoid Muscle during Adulthood. Frontiers in physiology7
  • O'Toole, J. M., Kenosi, M., Finn, D., Boylan, G. B., & Dempsey, E. M. (2016, October). Features of cerebral oxygenation detects brain injury in premature infants. In Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2016 IEEE 38th Annual International Conference of the (pp. 3614-3617). IEEE.
  • Pammi, M., Dempsey, E. M., Ryan, C. A., & Barrington, K. J. (2016). Newborn Resuscitation Training Programmes Reduce Early Neonatal Mortality. Neonatology110(3), 210-224. 
  • Perrem, L. M., Gosling, S., Ravikumar, I., Khashan, A. S., Miletin, J., Ryan, C. A., & Dempsey, E. (2017). Reporting on data monitoring committees in neonatal randomised controlled trials is inconsistent. Acta Paediatrica106(1), 30-33.
  • Sheridan-Pereira, M., Murphy, J., Sloan, J., Crispino, G., Leahy, A., Corcoran, J. D., Dempsey, E. ... & Gul, R. (2016). Respiratory Syncytial Virus Preterm (32–36 Completed Weeks of Gestation) Risk Estimation Measure for RSV Hospitalization in Ireland: A Prospective Study. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal35(1), 19-24.
  • Van Laere, D., O'Toole, J. M., Voeten, M., McKiernan, J., Boylan, G. B., & Dempsey, E. (2016). Decreased Variability and Low Values of Perfusion Index on Day One Are Associated with Adverse Outcome in Extremely Preterm Infants. The Journal of Pediatrics178, 119-124.
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