Journal articles published by Prof. Frédéric Adam in 2014

Below are the publications by Prof. Frédéric Adam from throughout 2014, in APA format. Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Prof. Frédéric Adam in 2014


  • Creedon, F.; T. O’Kane; J. O’Donoghue; F. Adam; S. Woodworth and S. O’Connor. 2014. Evaluating the Utility of the Irish Hse’s Paper Based Early Warning Score Chart: A Reflective Data Gathering Phase for the Design of the Reviews Framework, in Phillips Wren Et Al (Eds) Dss 2.0.Supporting Decision Making with New Technologies. IOS Press, Amsterdam, NL.
  • Csaki, C.; C. Fitzgerald; P. O’Reilly and F. Adam. (2014). Towards the Institutionalization of Parliamentary Technology Assessment: The Case for Ireland. Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, 8(3), 1-17.
  • Daly, M. & Adam, F. (2014). “Decision Support and Decision Guidance: A Case Study in the Financial Services – Dss2.0 Is Still Far Away, in Phillips Wren Et Al (Eds) Dss 2.0,”.Supporting Decision Making with New Technologies.
  • Fitzgerald, C., Adam, F. (2014). Assessing Policy Making for ICT Innovation: A Decision Support Research Agenda. International Conference on Electronic Government, 171-180.
  • Heavin, C. & Adam, F. (2014). Exploring Knowledge Capabilities in SMEs: Cases in Five Irish Software SMEs. In Information Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. S. B. Heidelberg, 267-88.
  • Heavin, C. & Adam, F. (2014). From Knowledge Activities to Knowledge Scenarios: Cases in Five Irish Software SMEs. International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development, 13(1), 37-61.
  • O' Dennehy, D., Adam, F., Carton, F. (2014). Chapter Six Business Model Design Issues: The Case of Mobile Payments. Innovation in Financial Services: A Dual Ambiguity, 129.
  • O' Riordan, N., Adam, F., O'Reilly, P. (2014). “Where The Streets Have No Name: Exploration and Exploitation in Novel Digital Settings” . ECIS 2014 22nd European Conference Information Systems.
  • Rowe, F.; R. El Amrani; R. Marciniak and F. Adam. (2014). “Does Erp Integration Foster Cross-Functional Awareness? Challenging Conventional Wisdom for Smes and Large French Firms.” Business Process Management Journal, 20(6), 865 – 86. Business Process Management Journal, 20(6), 865 – 86.
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