Journal articles published by Prof. Geraldine Boylan in 2018

Below are the publications by Prof. Geraldine Boylan from throughout 2018, in APA format. Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Prof. Geraldine Boylan in 2018

  • Donovan, M. D., Abduljalil, K., Cryan, J. F., Boylan, G. B., & Griffin, B. T. (2018). Application of a Physiologically‐Based Pharmacokinetic Model for the Prediction of Bumetanide Plasma and Brain Concentrations in the Neonate. Biopharmaceutics & drug dispositionApplication of a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model for the prediction of bumetanide plasma and brain concentrations in the neonate.
  • O'Sullivan, M., Popovici, E., Bocchino, A., O'Mahony, C., Boylan, G., & Temko, A. (2018). System Level Framework for Assessing the Accuracy of Neonatal EEG Acquisition. arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.03045.
  • JO'Driscoll, D., Felice, V. D., Kenny, L. C., Boylan, G. B., & O'Keeffe, G. W. (2018). Mild prenatal hypoxia-ischemia leads to social deficits and central and peripheral inflammation in exposed offspring. Brain, behavior, and immunity69, 418-427.
  • Dempsey, E. M., Kooi, E., & Boylan, G. B. (2018, May). It′ s all about the brain-Neuromonitoring during newborn transition. In Seminars in Pediatric Neurology. Elsevier.
  • Semenova, O., Carra, G., Lightbody, G., Boylan, G., Dempsey, E., & Temko, A. (2018). Heart Rate Variability during Periods of Low Blood Pressure as a Predictor of Short-Term Outcome in Preterms. arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.03046.
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