Journal articles published by Prof. Mairead Kiely in 2014

Below are the publications by Prof. Mairead Kiely from throughout 2014, in APA format.  Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

Research published by Prof. Mairead Kiely in 2014

  • Black, L. J., Walton, J., Flynn, A., & Kiely, M. (2014). Adequacy of vitamin D intakes in children and teenagers from the base diet, fortified foods and supplements. Public Health Nutrition17(04), 721-731.
  • Cashman, K. D., & Kiely, M. (2014). Recommended dietary intakes for vitamin D: where do they come from, what do they achieve and how can we meet them?. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics27(5), 434-442.
  • Cashman, K. D., Kinsella, M., McNulty, B. A., Walton, J., Gibney, M. J., Flynn, A., & Kiely, M. (2014). Dietary vitamin D 2–a potentially underestimated contributor to vitamin D nutritional status of adults?. British Journal of Nutrition112(02), 193-202.
  • Cashman, K. D., Kinsella, M., Walton, J., Flynn, A., Hayes, A., Lucey, A. J., ... & Kiely, M. (2014). The 3 epimer of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol is present in the circulation of the majority of adults in a nationally representative sample and has endogenous origins. The Journal of Nutrition144(7), 1050-1057.
  • Zhang, J. Y., Lucey, A. J., Horgan, R., Kenny, L. C., & Kiely, M. (2014). Impact of pregnancy on vitamin D status: a longitudinal study. British Journal of Nutrition112(07), 1081-1087.
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