Journal articles published by Prof. Mairead Kiely in 2016

Below are the publications by Prof. Mairead Kiely from throughout 2016, in APA format.  Where available, links are provided to either the PubMed reference or the published article below. 

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Research published by Prof. Mairead Kiely in 2016


  • Cashman, K. D., Kiely, M., Seamans, K. M., & Urbain, P. (2016). Effect of Ultraviolet Light–Exposed Mushrooms on Vitamin D Status: Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry Reanalysis of Biobanked Sera from a Randomized Controlled Trial and a Systematic Review plus Meta-Analysis. The Journal of nutrition146(3), 565-575.
  • Cashman, K. D., Dowling, K. G., Škrabáková, Z., Gonzalez-Gross, M., Valtueña, J., De Henauw, S., ... & Kiely, M. (2016). Vitamin D deficiency in Europe: pandemic?. The American journal of clinical nutrition103(4), 1033-1044.
  • Cashman, K. D., & Kiely, M. (2016). Tackling inadequate vitamin D intakes within the population: fortification of dairy products with vitamin D may not be enough. Endocrine51(1), 38-46.
  • Hawkes, C. P., Zemel, B. S., Kiely, M., Irvine, A. D., Kenny, L. C., O'B, H., & Murray, D. M. (2016). Body Composition within the First 3 Months: Optimized Correction for Length and Correlation with BMI at 2 Years. Hormone Research in Paediatrics86(3), 178-187.
  • Hennessy, Á., Browne, F., Kiely, M., Walton, J., & Flynn, A. (2016). The role of fortified foods and nutritional supplements in increasing vitamin D intake in Irish preschool children. European journal of nutrition, 1-13.
  • Högler, W., Aguiar, M., Kiely, M., & Tulchinsky, T. (2016). Consensus Recommendations for Prevention of Nutritional Rickets: Food Fortification and Micronutrient Supplements for Global Health.
  • Kelleher, M. M., Dunn-Galvin, A., Gray, C., Murray, D. M., Kiely, M., Kenny, L.C, ... & Hourihane, J. O. B. (2016). Skin barrier impairment at birth predicts food allergy at 2 years of age. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology137(4), 1111-1116.
  • Kiely, M. E. (2016). Further evidence that prevention of maternal vitamin D deficiency may benefit the health of the next generation. British Journal of Nutrition116(04), 573-575.
  • Kiely, M. E., Zhang, J. Y., Kinsella, M., Khashan, A. S., & Kenny, L. C. (2016). Vitamin D status is associated with uteroplacental dysfunction indicated by pre-eclampsia and small-for-gestational-age birth in a large prospective pregnancy cohort in Ireland with low vitamin D status. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition104(2), 354-361.
  • Kiely, M., O'Donovan, S.M., Kenny, L.C., Hourihane, J.O.B, Irvine, A.D., Murray, D.M. (2016). Vitamin D metabolite concentrations in umbilical cord blood serum and associations with clinical characteristics in a large prospective mother-infant cohort in IrelandThe Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology​.
  • Lucey, A., Heneghan, C., & Kiely, M. E. (2016). Guidance for the design and implementation of human dietary intervention studies for health claim submissions. Nutrition Bulletin41(4), 378-394.
  • Manios, Y., Moschonis, G., Mavrogianni, C., van den Heuvel, E. G. H. M., Singh-Povel, C. M., Kiely, M., & Cashman, K. D. (2016). Reduced-fat Gouda-type cheese enriched with vitamin D3 effectively prevents vitamin D deficiency during winter months in postmenopausal women in Greece. European Journal of Nutrition, 1-11.
  • McCarthy, E.K., Kenny, L.C., Hourihane, J.O.B., Irvine, AD, Murray, D.M., Kiely, M.E. (2016). Impact of maternal, antenatal and birth-associated factors on iron stores at birth: data from a prospective maternal–infant birth cohort. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Munns, C. F., Shaw, N., Kiely, M., Specker, B. L., Thacher, T. D., Ozono, K., ... & Ramos-Abad, L. (2016). Global consensus recommendations on prevention and management of nutritional rickets. Hormone Research in Paediatrics85(2), 83-106.
  • ní Chaoimh, C., Murray, D. M., Kenny, L. C., Irvine, A. D., Hourihane, J. O. B., & Kiely, M. (2016). Cord blood leptin and gains in body weight and fat mass during infancy. European Journal of Endocrinology175(5), 403-410.
  • ní Chaoimh, C., McCarthy, E. K., Murray, D. M., Kenny, L. C., Irvine, A. D., Hourihane, B., & Kiely, M. (2016). Low prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in Irish preschoolers despite northerly latitude and high prevalence of inadequate intakes. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society75(OCE3).
  • O'Donovan, S. M., Hourihane, J. O. B., Murray, D. M., Kenny, L. C., Khashan, A. S., ní Chaoimh, C., Irvine, A.D., & Kiely, M. (2016). Neonatal adiposity increases the risk of atopic dermatitis during the first year of life. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology137(1), 108-117.
  • O’Neill, C. M., Kazantzidis, A., Kiely, M., Cox, L., Meadows, S., Goldberg, G., ... & Cashman, K. D. (2016). A predictive model of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in UK white as well as black and Asian minority ethnic population groups for application in food fortification strategy development towards vitamin D deficiency prevention. The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • O'Neill, S. M., Hannon, G., Khashan, A. S., Hourihane, J. O. B., Kenny, L. C., Kiely, M., & Murray, D. M. (2016). Thin-for-gestational age infants are at increased risk of neurodevelopmental delay at 2 years. Archives of Disease in Childhood-Fetal and Neonatal Edition, fetalneonatal-2016.
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