INFANT in The Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre helps us to investigate areas of EEG, allergy, nutrition and growth in children.

Discovery and Growth

The Discovery Centre has been informing the work of the INFANT Centre since 2010. Longitudinal studies such as the Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort Study and BiHIVE have provided clinical data, collected over many years, which can be used by INFANT researchers to help improve the lives of mothers and babies. 

Researchers in the Discovery Centre focus on a range of key interest areas, including neurodevelopment, disease, nutrition and allergies.

Protecting Futures

Some of the studies in the Discovery Centre see children return for multiple assessments. These are facilitated by INFANT's expert research nurses and clinicians. Measurements taken include weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, hand grip strength, vertical jump and skin prick allergy testing, Their innovative work helps INFANT to protect mothers and children, from pregnancy to childhood and beyond. 

Studies which have used the resources of the Discovery Centre include the BASELINE Birth Cohort Study, BiHIVE, NEOPRISM and ANSeR. 


As of 2016, over 1,000 children have visited The Discovery Centre.

Family Friendly

Studies in The Discovery Centre are designed with the well-being of families and children in mind. This focus also extends to its facilities, which are family-friendly and fully equipped.

Over 1,000 children have visited The Discovery Centre in the last five years.  Facilities at the centre include:

  • Child-friendly clinical assessment rooms
  • Developmental assessment room
  • Anthropometric measurement equipment
  • Waiting room
  • Research office


Where To Find Us

The Discovery Centre can be found on the grounds of Cork University Hospital.

The Irish Health Research Board sponsored The Discovery Centre.


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