INFANT in The School of Engineering

INFANT researchers are based in UCC's Electrical and Electronic Engineering department.

Medical Engineering

INFANT researchers in UCC's Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) department are meeting big challenges in healthcare diagnostics. Processing vast quantities of data quickly and securely is essential to developing life-saving algorithms. 

These algorithms help neonatal staff to make informed, real-time care decisions which can change outcomes for babies and mothers worldwide.

studying brain activity
Diverse Skillset

The backgrounds of our team members in the EEE department are extremely varied. They include neuroscience, pediatrics, computer engineering and electronic device engineering. 

INFANT's focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and expertise helps to bring life-saving hardware and software into the neonatal intensive care unit and other healthcare settings.

neural pathways in the brain neuroscience

INFANT is developing unique algorithms to aid deep learning in healthcare settings.

Big Data

The EEE department is integral to the work of INFANT studies such as NEUROPROBE, BabyLink and ANSeR. Our team are also leading investigations into Deep Learning Seizure Detection Systems and a Brain Stethoscope Project.

These projects interpret brain activity data in new, complex ways, potentially reducing the damage of seizures in neonates.

INFANT offices in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering department include:

  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Fully equipped technical workspaces
  • Post-graduate and post-doctoral labs
  • Data processing capability. 
Where To Find Us

UCC's School of Engineering can be found at 60 College Rd, University College, Cork. 

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