INFANT in The Western Gateway

INFANT conducts its software and mathematics research in the Western Gateway building.

Stimulating Environment

INFANT researchers are based on the second floor of the Western Gateway building (WGB), the largest building on UCC's campus. Specialties in the Western Gateway include Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Microelectronics, Pharmacology, Physiology and Cancer Research.

The Western Gateway building is connected to the Brookfield Health Sciences Complex by a pedestrian footbridge. As a result, INFANT researchers in the Watson building and in the WGB are closely connected. 

Western Gateway Building UCC
Using Data

INFANT's presence in the Western Gateway building is centred on designing and implementing technology solutions for INFANT and its key projects. 

Much of the work on the data systems and data flow in the centre is done from the WGB. Here, INFANT researchers investigate on-premises and cloud solutions for research activity.


Public outreach in Western Gateway for Cork Science Festival

INFANT connected with hundreds of children in the WGB during 2016's Cork Science Festival.

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