Blánaid Ni Chuinneagain

Blánaid is the project manager for the PARROT Study

Blánaid joined the INFANT Centre in April 2017 to work on the PARROT study as Research Project Manager. The PARROT study is a clinical trial involving pregnant women with suspected pre-eclampsia.

This study is investigating if adding an extra blood test to routine care will help diagnose severe pre-eclampsia faster and whether this test will reduce complications that these women and their babies may experience from pre-eclampsia.

Blánaid began her career working for an Irish CRO, which is listed as one of the top ten CRO’s globally, as a Clinical Trial Assistant before progressing to the role of Clinical Research Associate. This role involved traveling the UK and Ireland to monitor various commercial clinical trials ensuring they were being conducted in accordance with the Protocol, ICH-GCP and the applicable regulatory requirements. Blánaid also has international experience working in Australia for another top ten CRO. Blánaid has worked on a variety of therapeutic indications including dermatology, arthritis, and hepatology.

Blánaid’s latest role was in a start-up pharmaceutical company overseeing all of their clinical trials. She has worked in clinical research for 7 years.


Career Profile:

  • 2017 – present    Research Project Manager, INFANT Centre, Cork
  • 2017                    Clinical Project Manager, DS Biopharma, Leopardstown, Dublin 18
  • 2015 - 2016         Clinical Scientist, DS Biopharma, Leopardstown, Dublin 18
  • 2014                    Clinical Research Associate II, PPD, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2012 - 2013         Clinical Research Associate I, ICON plc., Leopardstown, Dublin 18
  • 2010 - 2012         Clinical Trials Assistant, ICON plc., Leopardstown, Dublin 18
  • 2010                     B.Sc (hons) in Genetics at University College Dublin

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