Nicolai Murphy

Nicolai Murphy
Global Midwife Coordinator

Nicolai’s current role is within the IMPROvED study, as the global midwife coordinator with responsibility for monitoring data in order to maintain consistency and high standards across all sites. Nicolai is responsible for the training of midwives and troubleshooting as the study progresses. She setts targets for recruitment and supports and advises all centres on how best to achieve these targets.

Nicolai is a graduate of University College Cork (UCC) in both general Nursing and Midwifery. She previously worked as a midwife in Cork University Maternity Hospital for a number of years. She has completed a research masters in the area of coagulation in pregnancy and is currently undertaking a PhD part-time within UCC. Nicolai has vast research experience and was the midwife coordinator of the SCOPE study in CUMH. Her research interests include high risk pregnancy, with a particular interest in VTE (Venous thromboembolism) and Diabetes in pregnancy.


Career Profile: 

2013-present                     Global Clinical Research Coordinator of IMPROvED study

2011-2013                            Midwife Cork University Maternity Hospital

2007-2011                            Research midwife coordinator of SCOPE study

2014- present                    PhD by research (PT) at University College Cork

2009-2011                            MSc by research at University College Cork

2003-2005                            HDip in Midwifery at University College Cork

2005-2006                           B.Sc (hons) in Nursing at University College Cork


Professional Activities/Achievements:

Society of Gynaecological investigations (SGI)

2010 Poster presented. “Cross Sectional Study to Identify Normal Ranges of D-Dimers in the First Trimester of Pregnancy”

2011  Poster presentation. “Establishing Reference Ranges for D-dimers in Normal Pregnancy”

2012  Poster presented. “Clinical Risk Screening for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus”

British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS)

2010 Posters presented. “Cross Sectional study to identify normal ranges of D-Dimers in the first trimester of Pregnancy”

“A cross-sectional study comparing D-Dimer levels from first trimester to day two postpartum in low risk pregnancies”

Scored in the top five of all abstracts submitted by midwives.

Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM)

2011. Poster presented. “Cross Sectional Study to identify reference ranges for D-Dimers in pregnancy”

International Conference for Midwives (ICM)

2011 Oral presentation. “Cross Sectional Study to identify reference ranges for D-Dimers in pregnancy”

College of Medicine and Health, in conjunction with the INFANT Centre (Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research), annual Research day

2015 Poster presentation “Assessment of compliance with risk based screening for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus”


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