Latest scientific information for pregnant women

Many studies are being rapidly conducted all around the world as researchers gather information to gain a picture of the effect of COVID-19 on pregnancy and on the newborn. This picture will evolve as more data is gathered and we will continue to update you with the latest information.  

As of this moment, the latest emerging evidence on COVID-19 suggests: 

- Reassuringly, pregnant women are no more at risk of either becoming infected or becoming seriously unwell with COVID-19 than other healthy adults. 

- At the moment, there is no clear evidence that pregnant women with COVID-19 infection can directly infect their baby in the womb, although this is probable, more data overtime is needed to clarify this. 

- Newborns affected with COVID-19 have shown mild symptoms and favourable outcomes 

- Breast milk of COVID-19 affected mothers has been shown, so far, to be negative for the virus. 


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