The PARROT study is a randomised control trial which will be a diagnostic aid in the management of pre-eclampsia.

What is PARROT?

PARROT is a interventional study which involves a randomised control element. Our researchers are working towards a better understanding of placental growth factor (PIGF), with a view to reducing maternal illness.

The PARROT Study website can be found here:

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How does PARROT work?

In the long term, the PARROT study will use this research to influence clinical practice. Measurement of PIGF will see mothers with suspected pre-eclampsia receive appropriate care.

This study will help to identify ways of making sure adverse outcomes are reduced for high-risk mothers, while those with lower risk will be managed without unnecessary hospital admissions or interventions. PARROT will, as a result, have a major impact on how the treatment of pre-eclampsia works.

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INFANT researchers have already licensed the world’s first clinically useful screening test for pre-eclampsia.