Dr Damian O'Connell

Damian O Connell
Governance Board Member

Damian is Chief Executive Officer the Experimental Drug Development Centre at A*Star – the Agency for Science, Technology and Research based in Singapore.

The Experimental Drug Development Centre is a national platform for drug and biomarker discovery as well as early clinical development. The platform also provides feedback, education and training for discovery researchers to improve and build their knowledge and experience in the drug development space.

Most recently Damian was Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery – Global Head of Clinical Sciences, Bayer Pharma AG, Berlin – Germany. Clinical Sciences (CS) is a global organization (based Germany, US, Japan, China) with responsibility for the first use of drug products in humans up to Proof of Concept, as well as all clinical pharmacological components of NDAs.

Damian previously has held senior positions within Pfizer Research & Development, Parke Davis, Elan Pharmaceuticals & Neurex. Damian, has both MD & PhD degrees from the National University of Ireland, has been a Medical Faculty member of The University of Virginia Health Sciences Centre as well as being a member of the Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics Department at University College Cork, Ireland where he was a Professor of Clinical Research. He started his career in the Industry in 1998.

Damian is a member of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine; Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine; Fellow of The Royal Academy of Medicine (Ireland); Member of the British Pharmacological Society; Member of the Drug Safety Executive Council (DSEC); Member American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Member American College of Clinical Pharmacology; Member of American Society of Pharmacometrics; Member of the Irish Association of Pharmacologists; Member of the Irish Cardiac Society; Member of the British Hypertension Society.