Dr Catherine Mooney

Catherine Mooney
Associate Investigator

Through her research to date, Catherine has created a distinct niche in the biomarker field tackling important challenges including how to combine cutting-edge computational and biomedical techniques to efficiently integrate multiple data types into a single biomarker.

Prior to joining the School of Computer Science in UCD as Assistant Professor in October 2016, Catherine was a Research Fellow in Prof David Henshall's epilepsy research group in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, working to identify biomarkers of epilepsy and neonatal seizures. This work was funded by an SFI Advance Award in collaboration with INFANT.

Prior to RCSI Catherine worked as a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher on an SFI funded TIDA under Dr Aidan Meade, DIT, on cancer biomarkers. In August 2013 she completed a four-year postdoctoral research fellowship in clinical bioinformatics with Prof Denis Shields, School of Medicine and Medical Science, UCD, where she developed web servers for short linear motif and peptide property prediction (bioware.ucd.ie). 

Catherine completed her PhD in Protein Structure Prediction using Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks (BRNN) under the supervision of Dr Gianluca Pollastri in the School of Computer Science, UCD, in 2009.