Dr. Simon Woodworth

Dr. SImon Woodworth
Thematic Lead for Connected Perinatal Healthcare

Simon's main research interests are: Connected health in both community and hospital settings, in developed and developing countries. He is particularly interested in how improvements in patient outcomes can be brought about by replacing paper based systems with electronic ones.

Other areas of research which interest Simon include how information systems influence patient care pathways; how decision support systems and business intelligence influence patient care and care management and how disruptive low – cost technologies can be used in resource limited environments.

Simon is pursuing research opportunities in the following areas:

  • Patient safety
  • Bedside data gathering
  • Use of sensor webs in emergency departments
  • Optimization of patient care in perioperative situations
  • Use of position sensors to improve CPR outcomes
  • Role of drones in enhance communications in disaster zones
  • Role of smartwatches and mobile apps in enhancing public communication during emergencies
  • Mobile and permanent emergency command and control infrastructures.


Career Profile

  • 2013 PhD, Business Information Systems, UCC
  • 2005 MSc, Business Information Systems, UCC
  • 2015-Present Director, Health Information Systems Research Centre, UCC
  • 2004-Present Lecturer, Business Information Systems, UCC
  • 2002-2003 Business Analyst, Affinity Wireless Ltd, UK
  • 1992-1999 Various roles in telecommunications (including field engineering work in Africa and Customer Care Management in SE Asia), Motorola, UK and Ireland
  • 1988-1992 Various roles in telecommunications, Ericsson, Ireland
  • 1988 BSc, Computer Science, UCC

Professional Activities/Achievements: 

  • Researcher, LEANBH project
  • Researcher and quality manager, S-HELP project
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