Primary School Outreach

We firmly believe that our next generation of scientists and engineers are in our primary schools. Through our programme of engagement activities, we are actively encouraging positive attitudes towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

INFANT offers a wide variety of FREE activities for schools, including hands-on workshops and visits. 

If you would like to invite us to your school or arrange a visit, contact

School Workshops

Bloody Detectives: Mystery Molecules

Bloody Detectives: Mystery Molecules workshop 


Could you be a bloody detective? Find out what blood is made of, solve mysteries of hidden clues and protect the evidence.... Discover how these mystery molecules are helping us save lives of mums and babies, make your own bloody mixture and turn your home freezer into a biobank!

Best suited for senior primary classes.

Education and Public Engagement

Electric Brains!

Your brain is full of electricity – discover what it's made of, how it works and learn how we can trick it....

Discover how we work with electrical engineers to help newborn babies and see and hear some baby brain waves! 

Best suited for senior primary classes.  



Code for Adventure!

Cubetto is our friendly wooden robot. In this workshop, we explore how to give Cubetto instructions so he can travel across the board and have some messy adventures!

Little ones learn the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play.

Best suited for infant classes.  


teddy bear hospital x-ray

Teddy Bear Hospital

By very special appointment, junior classes can visit University College Cork to diagnose and treat their ailing teddy bears!

The Teddy Bear Hospital introduces children to medical instruments and procedures in a fun learning environment and demonstrates how we use research to explore new treatments and improve healthcare.

Best suited for infant classes.

Please email for additional information.