The PhotoVoice study will invite mothers who are experiencing pregnancy complications to take photographs that reflect their views and experiences of maternal morbidity

What is PhotoVoice?

Mothers’ Experiences of Maternal Morbidity

Pregnancy complications are often a silent issue and little research has focused on the experiences of women and their understanding of these complications. Mothers-to-be, who are experiencing a complication, are being invited to take photographs that reflect their views and experiences, over a two-week period. Sharing their experiences visually will provide an opportunity for these silent experiences to be brought centre stage and begin conversations between patients, healthcare providers, and the community.

Through their art, the mothers will bring new insights and perspectives which raise awareness of the experience and overlooked issues.

Photovoice is a qualitative method focused on participatory research which documents people’s reality through photography. This methodology has been utilised by a number of disciplines to examine a number of health issues from a wide variety of populations. The aim of the project is to bring new insights and perspectives while raising awareness of hidden or overlooked issues for women.

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