Prof. Louise Kenny

Prof. Louise Kenny
Adjunct Professor

Louise is an adjunct professor with INFANT. She was one of the two founding directors of INFANT and was Professor of Obstetrics at University College Cork and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Cork University Maternity Hospital, where she specialised in the management of high-risk pregnancy. Together with Professor Geraldine Boylan, Louise led the successful Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre bid which underpins INFANT.

Louise graduated in Medicine with Honours from the University of Liverpool, UK, in 1993. After completing her clinical and doctoral training in the UK, Louise moved to Ireland in 2006 where she has built up a large and successful research group, now housed within INFANT.

In 2007, Louise was appointed as a Health Research Board Ireland Clinician Scientist. This 4 year award (of €1.6 million) underpinned the Screening for Pregnancy Endpoints SCOPE Study  – a prospective longitudinal case cohort of pregnancy outcome which is now one of the world’s largest global pregnancy biobanks. The SCOPE study was also the foundation of Ireland’s first birth cohort- BASELINE: Babies after SCOPE, Evaluating Longitudinal Indices of Nutrition. This is led by INFANT PI Deirdre Murray.

In July 2009, Louise was awarded a prestigious Principal Investigator Programme grant from Science Foundation Ireland to develop predictive metabolomic markers of poor pregnancy outcome. This work has resulted in numerous publications, accolades and prizes. She is currently coordinating a European Consortium called IMPROvED which is conducting a phase IIa clinical trial of a prototype screening test for pre-eclampsia based on metabolomic technology and developed by Louise and her team in INFANT.

In 2018, Louise took up the role of Executive Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool, UK and remains with INFANT as an adjunct professor. 

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