Alison O'Shea

Alison's research is focused on seizure detection in the EGG signals of infants. Her aim is to utilise deep learning and neural networks in detecting seizures, as most seizure detection algorithms today rely on manual feature extraction.

Neural networks allow data driven classifiers to be created; using neural networks for seizure detection this could eventually negate the need for hand crafted features. 

Over recent years neural networks have been evolving, now vastly different architectures are available which are suitable for use in a variety of different processing tasks. By representing the information contained in EEG signals in different domains we can investigate the most efficient and accurate architecture to use. By experimentation and comparison a powerful seizure detection algorithm can be created using neural networks and deep learning.

Career Profile

  • 2015-present PhD candidate in Engineering at University College Cork
  • 2015 M.Sc. in Technology Entrepreneurship at the University of Notre Dame,Indiana
  • 2014 B.Eng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College  Cork