The IMPROvED study will develop early pregnancy screening tests for pre-eclampsia.

What is IMPROvED?

The main aim of the IMPROvED consortium is to develop and validate two prototype early pregnancy screening tests for the pregnancy complication pre-eclampsia. Through a multicentre hospital-based study, representative of different healthcare models, we are building a high calibre pregnancy biobank for European pregnancy researchers.

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How does IMPROvED work?

The goal of IMPROvED is to develop two prototype screening tests for pre-eclampsia.

We measure metabolomic and proteomic biomarkers, which we have identified as predictors of disease, and compare these measurements with clinical data from mothers. The result will be a simple algorithm which will determine risk status. 

On the basis of our work to date, the two blood tests we have created have the potential to predict pre-eclampsia risk with an unprecedented accuracy.

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IMPROvED is supported by a pool of talent which includes 4 small enterprises and 8 academic institutions.

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