INFANT’s involvement in research networks is positioning Ireland on an international stage.

HRB Irish Network for Children’s Clinical Trials – In4Kids

In4Kids is a HRB national paediatric clinical trial  network that aims to build a strong network within Ireland to enhance collaboration amongst the paediatric research community in Ireland.

Neonatal and Children Brain Consortium Ireland – NBCI

Ireland is at the forefront of research in the neonatal brain and neonatal brain injury, and has collaborative potential to be an international leader in this area. NBCI aims to encompass all researchers in neonatal brain injury.

The European Reference Network (ERN) for Epilepsy – EpiCare

EpiCARE brings together 28 highly specialized health centres in 13 European countries with expertise in rare and complex epilepsies.

Collaborative Network for European Clinical Trials for Children (Conect For Children) – c4c

c4c is a large collaborative European network that aims to facilitate the development of new drugs and other therapies for the entire paediatric population.

Read more about c4c here: conect4children is a pan-European clinical trial network

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Paediatric Clinical Research Infrastructure Network – PedCRIN

PedCRIN brings together the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network and the founding partners of the European Paediatric Clinical Trial Research Infrastructure to develop capacity for the management of multinational paediatric non-commercial clinical trials.

International Neonatal Consortium – INC

INC is a global collaboration formed to forge a predictable regulatory path for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of therapies for neonates.