The INFANT Discovery Platform is an integrated platform consisting of the Early Life Lab with an incorporated Data Hub.

Key Infrastructure

Together, the Early Life Lab and Data Hub provide key infrastructure to comprehensively perform physiological, cognitive and developmental assessments and data storage, curation and analysis for children participating in INFANT research.

Access to the INFANT Discovery Platform is also available on an SFI-approved access charge plan basis to groups or companies outside INFANT.

The Early Life Lab enables key investigators and users to use EEG telemetry, high-resolution eye tracking, heart rate variability assessments and near infra-red spectroscopy monitoring during assessments of children.

The associated Data Hub leverages powerful, scalable, enterprise-class IT hardware capable of supporting INFANT’s varied storage and curation requirements. INFANT’s valuable data resides on class-leading, fast disk enclosures that are both replicated and backed up to offsite locations for failover and disaster recovery. It allows storage of large datasets, including high definition video files, in a regulatory compliant fashion.
The Datahub includes hardware that is optimised for Deep Learning and Machine Learning workloads for research in the field of Artificial Intelligence.