Thursday 22 October 2015


INFANT researchers will be visiting schools in Cork with Blood & Brains – a mix of the “Bloody Detectives: Mystery Molecules” hands-on workshop and “Electric Brains: Mind Control” demonstration.

Find out what blood is made of, solve mysteries of hidden clues and protect the evidence!

Discover how these mystery molecules are helping us save lives of mums and babies.


See your brain light up as it is full of electricity! Discover how it works and learn how we can trick it!

Your brain operates everything in your body: it can move your own arm, but can you use it to move someone ELSE?

Visits are free but must be booked in advance via The Cork Science Festival 



For second level, join the INFANT researchers at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory for their second level schools programme. Meet the scientists and engineers working right here in Cork in the Science Foundation Ireland STEMists area!

Visits must be booked in advance with CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory 

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INFANT volunteers with Smart Futures

If you’d like an INFANT researcher to visit your school, contact our outreach officer.