Monday 19 December 2016

INFANT Awards 2016

The inaugural INFANT Awards 2016, held in the main auditorium Cork Maternity Hospital, showcased the incredible talent, teamwork and commitment to innovation which makes the work of the INFANT centre possible.


Dr. Niamh Shaw: “Walking (Slowly) Towards Space”

Engineer, scientist and performer Dr Niamh Shaw gave an opening talk titled “Walking (Slowly) Towards Space”. She discussed the importance of awakening and encouraging curiosity across the fields of science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics (STEAM).

Describing her personal journey and how she is following her dream of reaching space, Dr. Shaw talked about how innovation takes courage, vision and a step-by-step approach. The perception of career goals and success was also a topic for discussion, with many INFANT staff members feeling that working to make pregnancy safer was their dream job.

The talk concluded with a short Q&A where Dr. Shaw spoke about the role she believes communication can play in promoting research and innovation.

  • Katie Togher and Jo Studham
    Young Researcher of the Year Katie Togher and Head of Operations Jo Studham.
  • Alison O
    EPE Person of The Year Alison O’Shea and EPE Manager Dr. Ria O’Sullivan-Lago.
  • John O
    Researcher of the Year Dr. John O’Toole and Head of Operations Jo Studham.
  • Amy Aherne and Jo Studham
    Person of the Year Amy Aherne and Head of Operations Jo Studham.
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The inaugural INFANT awards took place after Dr. Niamh Shaw’s talk, with a presentation which highlighted exceptional achievement by INFANT staff members.

The Awardees:

Person of the Year: Amy Aherne

Education and Public Engagement Award: Alison O’Shea

Researcher of the Year: Dr. John O’Toole

Young Researcher of the Year: Katie Togher

Prof. Louise Kenny, co-director of INFANT, said that she was “impossibly proud of these talented people who spend their days and nights delivering innovation for mums and babies.”

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