Monday 06 February 2017


On 31 January, four of the Principal Investigators of the BASELINE Study came together in the Aula Maxima at UCC to discuss what we have learned after finishing all the 5-year assessments for the children enrolled in the study.

Downloads of the PIs presentations are available at the bottom of the page.


The aims of BASELINE were to:

  • Explore the prevalence of food allergy and eczema
  • Investigate maternal and neonatal Vitamin D status
  • Examine the metabolic and developmental effects of IUGR
  • Build a foundation for studying the cohort through childhood and into adulthood.


Baseline PIs in INFANT5 centres collaborated

5 centres collaborated:

  • Food and Nutritional Sciences, UCC
  • Dermatology, Department of Clinical Medicine, Trinity College Dublin
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology, UCC
  • Paediatrics & Child Health, College of Medicine & Health, UCC
  • Neonatal Brain Research Group, UCC


The study was funded by the National Children’s Research Centre.

Basline2137 mother and baby pairs were recruited to the study

Bayley's Assessment Room 3There are currently 6.5 MILLION data points in the BASELINE database, each constituting of a measurement or questionnaire answer.

We are hoping to carry on the BASELINE study, and meet with the children and parents again at 10 years.


Sincere thanks to all involved: to the families and our funders for making it possible!