Friday 10 February 2017

Dr Andrey Temko, INFANT researcher, has won a prestigious international competition for his work in predicting seizures in the human brain through long-term EEG recordings.

Highest Accuracy

Together with data scientists from Ornon, France; Curitiba, Brazil; and Minneapolis, US, Dr Temko developed an artificial intelligence solution that showed the highest accuracy among nearly 500 competing teams from around the world.

Seizure Forcasting

The aim of the Kaggle event was to develop seizure forecasting systems with the potential to help patients with epilepsy lead more normal lives. Epilepsy afflicts nearly 1% of the world’s population, and is characterised by the occurrence of spontaneous seizures.

Huge Achievement

INFANT Centre co-director  Prof Geraldine Boylan congratulated Andriy on this prestigious win, noting “this is a huge achievement at an international level. We are really delighted to have Dr Temko’s unique expertise here in the INFANT centre. He has used his skills in machine learning to develop a novel computer programme that can automatically detect seizures in newborn babies who are  in intensive care.

Machine Learning

This computer programme was translated into a cot-side medical device and a  clinical trial of this device has just been completed in eight centres across Europe (  Machine learning is contributing hugely to modern healthcare, particularly in supporting clinical decision making. At the INFANT centre, a large area of our research is focused on using machine learning to develop devices that can provide information on brain heath in order to improve outcomes for babies who may have had a difficult start in life.”

The challenge was organised and sponsored by the National Institute of Health, American Epilepsy Society and Melbourne University.

We are incredibly proud of Andrey’s achievement and look forward to the next steps!

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