Tuesday 20 June 2017

At Infant, we are comitted to making science interesting and accessible to young learners. When our Outreach team visits schools, our clever robot friend Cubetto is always eager to join us!

Recently, Cubetto paid a visit to junior and senior classes from St. Patrick’s Infants National School in Cork.

What is Cubetto?

Cubetto is a robot toy which introduces children to the art of coding. Suitable for ages three to seven, Cubetto is an interactive, fun way for children to code without the need for a screen.

Coding is a language, and just like a new language, an early experience with coding open doors for children later in life.

cubetto school visit

The Worskshops

Our ‘workshops’ include a number of fun activities which teach young learners how to program Cubetto. Using code, Cubetto can draw, navigate obstacles and travel across maps and mazes.

Cubetto’s deceptively simple design shows how we can use search algorithms, functions and loops to solve problems and learn about the world.

cubetto in school 2

To Infinity and Beyond!

Another great activity we brought along to St. Patrick’s Infant NS was Rocket Mouse. Using paper, an empty bottle and a little imagination, learners can see how forces like air and pressure help to move objects.

Rocket Mouse encourages children to design and experiment, so that they can launch their mice into the stars!

rocket mouse school