Thursday 30 January 2020

INFANT team announced as one of eleven competitors in the SFI Artificial Intelligence for Societal Good Challenge.

The prize offers €2 million each in funding to teams that win competitions in the categories of AI for societal good and zero emissions.

AI-4-LIFE – led by Prof Geraldine Boylan, Prof Liam Marnane and Societal Champion Dr Mairead O’Riordan – will focus on the challenge of reducing neonatal morbidity and mortality.

Lack of oxygen at birth is responsible for 23% of all deaths in full-term infants and approximately 1.15 million infants survive with significant disability. The team plan to develop a new, easy to interpret, fetal monitoring system that will use artificial intelligence (AI) assisted interpretation to monitor the vital signs of mother and baby during labour to quickly identify any issues.

The AI-4-LIFE project has the potential to impact current clinical practice and improve the lives of families, their babies and international society.

Eleven teams have received initial funding from SFI to work on their challenges. At the end of April, they will be short-listed to go through to the second seed phase following pitches at Futurescope in the Convention Centre Dublin. The final prize of €1 million will be awarded at the end of this year.