Sunday 05 April 2020

The Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has issued new guidance on COVID-19 and maternity services.

The guidance was written by INFANT Centre Principal Investigator Dr Keelin O’Donoghue and Joye McKernan, National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre.

COVID-19 infection is a new disease and the impact on pregnancy remains uncertain.

Aims of the guidance document:

• To outline considerations for care for pregnant women and their infants during the COVD-19 pandemic

• To advise maternity units around the provision of safe care to women and infants with suspected/confirmed COVID-19

• To support healthcare staff working in the maternity services

• To set out a framework for managing the impact on maternity services

• To provide principles to help units develop their own response plans

As this is an evolving situation this guidance is subject to ongoing review and will be updated as further information and evidence becomes available.

Read the full document here.