Friday 22 May 2020

Our Clinical Psychologists, Leanna Fogarty and Dr Margaret O’ Rourke have identified a number of tools and resources to help you deal with any additional stresses in your lives. We will share some bitesize tips with you every week through the INFANT website and our social media channels.

There are no quick fixes but there are things that we can do to remain focused, calm, and positive.

Psychological research has discovered that happiness can be built and enhanced with five core ingredients. The word PERMA is the easiest way to remember the five important building blocks of mental health and wellbeing – all things that are very helpful right now!

1. Positive Emotions

It can be hard work to be positive sometimes but the more you try the more it will become a habit. Positive emotions really help your mental health and will build and support confidence and self-belief, creativity, flexibility, optimism, perseverance, physical and mental health productivity, and energy.

2. Engagement

Being fully focused and engaged on the task at hand is very good for wellbeing. Try to be fully present in the now and the tasks and activities you are engaged in  – it doesn’t matter how simple or difficult the task may be.

3. Relationships

Positive relationships help us build resilience, reduce stress, and improve wellbeing. Regardless of what happens at work, at home, or in your life, try to ensure you work at keeping relationships positive and supportive.

4. Meaning

Belonging to and serving something bigger than ourselves is an excellent way to build wellbeing and purpose. What could be more important than the job you do as a parent? Every parent struggles from time to time so cut yourself some slack, be kind and compassionate towards yourself, and always ask for help if you need it!

5. Accomplishment

Your family, friends, and community salute you and want to congratulate you on the way you are adapting to and handling this very difficult situation. Remember we talked about the KISS technique a few weeks ago? Keep your day simple and structured!