AI4LIFE: AI for Fetal Wellbeing

Every newborn baby should have the opportunity to survive and thrive

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What is AI4LIFE?

Lack of oxygen at birth is responsible for 23% of all deaths in full-term infants and approximately 1.15 million infants survive with significant disability.

The research team at INFANT, led by Professors Liam Marnane and Geraldine Boylan plan to develop a new, easy to interpret, fetal monitoring system that will use artificial intelligence (AI) assisted interpretation. Enabling a more accurate assessment of fetal wellbeing during pregnancy will untimely reduce the prevalence of oxygen deprivation at birth.

How does AI4LIFE work?

The project will use artificial intelligence to interrogate the vital signs of mothers and babies during labour to quickly identify any issues.

The team aims to develop a novel, easy to interpret, fetal monitoring system, that will use AI-assisted interpretation of vital signs monitoring during labour to reduce the risk of neonatal injury and death.

AI4LIFE will develop a software algorithm to simplify interpretation of data, guiding clinicians on the appropriate intervention. Machine learning will be used to train the algorithm to identify in the data that suggest the baby is not tolerating labour as well as expected.

The AI4LIFE project has the potential to impact current clinical practice and improve the lives of families, their babies and international society.

This project is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.

For more details on AI4Life, please contact Prof. Liam Marnane –