The CARE Study is evaluating the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on access to respite services

What is CARE?

Carers Access to REspite services and support during COVID-19 (CARE Study) is about giving a voice to children with special needs and their carers during COVID-19 pandemic

CARE is an anonymous online survey study, designed to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on accessibility of support services for carers of child(ren) with special needs, and the effect, if any, on carer well-being.

Children with physical and intellectual disabilities make up 6.7% of the Irish population and require extra supportive care and services daily, for them to participate in all aspects of life. The imposed COVID-19 restrictions will have reduced or removed their support network, which will directly impact the physical and mental development of these children. The current situation will also inevitably impact the well-being of carers and affect the quality of life for both entities.

By providing an anonymous platform to express all concerns, it is envisaged that we will obtain a unique perspective on the issues faced by children with special needs and their families during COVID-19 restrictions, and inform us on how to help protect children with special needs and potentially reduce this burden for similar events in the future.