The PiNPoINT study (Project Personalised Nutrition for the Preterm Infant) will develop a nutritional management strategy for very low birth weight, preterm infants.

What is PiNPoINT?

PiNPoINT (Personalised Nutrition for the Preterm Infant) aims to develop a nutritional strategy for preterm infants with a very low birth weight. Using real-time nutritional data collection and mointoring, INFANT researchers will address the knowledge gaps in nutritional requirements where very low birth weight infants are concerned.

How does PiNPoINT work?

The PiNPoINT study will develop nutritional recommendations which optimise growth, the development of bones, body composition and brain tissue. Our researchers will be collaborating with several industry partners, with a multidisciplinary focus in software technology and nutrition.

In this way, INFANT will be improving outcomes for preterm infants and promoting long-term health.

PiNPoINT is the largest study of its kind in Ireland.