Medical Issues

The medical team understands that the admission of your baby into the neonatal unit is a difficult and stressful time for your family. Although your baby is receiving specialist care, your parental care giving role is as important in the neonatal unit as it is on the postnatal floors of the hospital. Your input is valued and you are encouraged to speak with staff about any of your concerns

The medical team will update you on the results of any test or investigation that your baby may undergo. Some test results take longer than others to come back but rest assured that you will be informed as soon as possible. Similarly, some conditions are diagnosed within a short period of time while other conditions may require more time and further investigation. Not all babies exhibit the exact same symptoms for an illness and not all babies will progress at the same rate.

In this section, you can find information on medical conditions/issues that a baby may present with on admission or during their stay in the neonatal unit. This information is not exhaustive and should be used as a reference point only.

Respiratory Conditions

Common respiratory conditions and the treatments associated


Cardio-vascular Issues

Cardiovascular issues are those that involve your baby’s heart or blood vessels


Neurological Problems

Neurological problems can occur in the anatomy or function of nerves and the nervous system

Gastro Intestinal Problems

Problems in the digestive system


Pain Control

How the medical team will take steps to control any pain your baby experiences


Other Issues

Other medical issues your baby may experience