Darina Sheehan

Biobank Manager

Contact Details:

Email: Darina.Sheehan@ucc.ie

Darina is currently the INFANT Biobank Manager and has responsibility and oversight for all the precious samples that have been collected by INFANT research studies over the years.  Darina organises the retrieval of samples from the Biobank for PI’s and helps support the setting up of collaborations with other partners wishing to work with our samples.  In 2023, Darina has worked with the CRF in co-ordinating the set up of a new Biobank Inventory Management system – FreezerPro® to help manage the thousands of samples that are being stored in the Biobank.

Prior to this Darina was project manager for a number of INFANT studies, including the STOP AD Study on atopic dermatitis, Baby SMART Study on infant sleep and development and the Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort Study.  Darina has over 20 years’ experience of working on research studies in UCC.

Education Profile:

  • MSc, Department of Food and Nutritional Science, University College Cork
  • BSc in Nutritional Science at University College Cork