Sarusha Pillay

Commercial Lead on the research project pHetalSafe

Contact Details:

Sarusha Pillay is the Commercial Lead on the research project pHetalSafe. pHetalSafe is a: ‘Novel fetal sensor for the detection and prevention of intrapartum fetal hypoxia’. 

As the commercial lead, Sarusha focuses on all activities related to Project Management and Commercialisation which includes value chain market validation, regulatory, intellectual property and reimbursement strategy formulation, fund raising and the development of a bankable business plan.  

  • Candidate: Master’s in Science (BioInnovation): National University of Galway, in-review 2021
  • BioInnovate Fellowship, ended July 2021


  • Masters in Business Administration: University of Stellenbosch, Graduated: April 2014
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management Practice: University of Cape Town, Graduated: June 2008
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy: University of Port Elizabeth, Graduated: April 2004
  • Damelin: Diploma in Production Management, Graduated: August 2005
  • Matriculation Exemption: Sans Souci Girls’ High School, Graduated: December 1997