INFANT, the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research, is Ireland’s first dedicated perinatal research centre.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to make pregnancy safer and to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies. We are developing innovative technologies to improve the treatment and care available to mothers and babies worldwide.

Our Partnerships

INFANT is funded by Science Foundation Ireland. We are an industry-facing centre developing innovations that build commercial opportunities with our industry partners.

Who We Are

A World Leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre

INFANT is a global force for development in perinatal healthcare, funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

Although maternal and perinatal complications account for nearly 10% of the global burden of disease, R&D investment in perinatal health remains small and non-strategic. It has been estimated that equitable industry R&D and public sector research funding in perinatal health over the next 10-20 years could avert 3% of the global disease burden.

Access to world-first technologies allows our industry partners to deliver innovative solutions to global markets, creating exciting and vast economic opportunities. Most importantly of all, INFANT will have fundamental societal impacts by changing the delivery of healthcare and improving outcomes for the most vulnerable members of our society – mothers and their babies.

Latest Publications

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  • Lost in Translation? The potential psychobiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus (JB-1) fails to modulate stress or cognitive performance in healthy male subjects.

    Kelly, JR; Allen, AP; Temko, A; Hutch, W; Kennedy, PJ; Farid, N; Murphy, E; Boylan, G; Bienenstock, J; Cryan, JF; Clarke, G; Dinan, TG. 

  • Thin-for-gestational age infants are at increased risk of neurodevelopmental delay at 2 years.

    Sinéad M O'Neill, Geraldine Hannon, Ali S Khashan, J O'B Hourihane, Louise C Kenny, Mairead Kiely, Deirdre M Murray.

  • Heart rate variability in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy during therapeutic hypothermia.

    Goulding, RM; Stevenson, NJ; Murray, DM; Livingstone, V; Filan, PM; Boylan, GB.

Our News

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    10 Jan 2017

    A Celebration of BASELINE

    Huge congratulations to the BASELINE team who have finished five years of assessments with over 1,24...

  • Pregnancy consultation
    04 Jan 2017

    Mitochondrial [dys]function; culprit in pre-eclampsia?

    Work from Dr. Cathal McCarthy, senior researcher in INFANT, on a novel therapy for pre-eclampsia.

  • Doctor with toddler and mum
    03 Jan 2017

    Research Feature: Vitamin D and Toddlers

    New INFANT study shows low Vitamin D deficiency in toddlers but more research is needed.

  • Twitter
    22 Dec 2016

    #wearedelivering Research in the CUMH

    Consultant Obstetricians have their say on Twitter: #wearedelivering the maternity service

Who We Are

Get to know our international community of researchers, the multi-disciplinary team who implement our research programme across pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood health.

Our vision is to establish INFANT as the world’s leading perinatal translational research centre. The centre is led by directors Louise Kenny and Geraldine Boylan. A team of researchers and postgraduates drive the INFANT programme, underpinned by a dedicated and highly skilled research support team and operations team.

2 Directors
11 Principal Investigators
44 Researchers
12 Postgraduate Students
7 Operations Team
National and International Partners
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