Hosted at University College Cork (UCC), Cork, Ireland, The Irish Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research has local impact with a global reach.

INFANT is answering the international need for research and innovation to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies.

Across pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood, INFANT is solving challenges through its key research themes.


Making pregnancy safer for mothers and babies


Improving health outcomes for newborn babies


Advancing the health and well-being of children

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💡Five INFANT Researchers Contribute to @JENS_Congress

🗣️Professor Geraldine Boylan, Professor @demurray and Dr Sean Mathieson, all took part in the #jENScongress this week, alongside INFANT PhD candidates @SoniaMarieMayo and @maryan8564.


📢INFANT @JENS_Congress 2021

🗣️Professor Geraldine Boylan will be offering her thoughts on "AI for the evaluation of HIE" during the plenary session to close the #jENScongress today between 1 - 1:20 pm CEST. #UCCResearch

Find out more - https://www.mcascientificevents.eu/jens/scientific-information/#scientific-programme

📢INFANT @JENS_Congress 2021

🗣️@IrishResearch scholar, @SoniaMarieMayo, will present two posters showcasing her research on eye-tracking for the assessment of cognitive development among infants between 1-2:30 pm CEST today. #jENScongress

Find out more - https://mcascientificevents.eu/jens/scientific-information/#scientific-programme

Another interesting and informative morning @JENS_Congress great talk by @infantcentre Prof Boylan on sleep in the NICU. @Newborn_brain #jENScongress #IrishResearch

📢INFANT @JENS_Congress 2021

🗣️Professor Geraldine Boylan will discuss research on "Neonatal EEG & sleep in the NICU" between 11:30 - 11:50 am CEST at the #jENScongress today. #UCCResearch

Find out more - https://www.mcascientificevents.eu/jens/scientific-information/#scientific-programme

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