LEANBH aims to reduce the impact of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.

What is LEANBH?

LEANBH (Learning to Evaluate Blood Pressure at Home) is a study which investigates hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. Hypertensive disorders are a leading cause of mortality and morbidty.

Home blood-pressure monitoring (HBPM) is widely available, economical and comfortable. For this reason, many pregnant women prefer it. However, while it has the potential to reduce clinic visits, no trial has been performed to assess the impact of HBPM on maternal or perintal outcomes.

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How does LEANBH work?

The goal of LEANBH is to design, develop, validate and evaluate a software and technology framework which communicates home BP readings and associated risk factors (history of hypertension, pre-eclampsia, diabetes or renal disease, age, obesity, smoking, multiparity, nulliparity) to relevant healthcare providers e.g. General Practitioner (GP), Midwives, Obstetric team. This architecture will provide the platform for future electronic maternity healthcare records.


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LEANBH researcher skills include mobile development on both Android and IOS platforms, server end architecture, cloud computing and User eXperience.

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