Dr Margaret O'Rourke

Margaret O'Rourke
Associate Investigator

Margaret O'Rourke is a chartered scientist, chartered forensic and clinical psychologist

Dr Margaret O’Rourke is a practicing Clinical psychologist, researcher and medical educator based at the School of Medicine University College Cork, Ireland. Margaret has worked on a number of high-impact public safety, child protection, mental health and well-being programmes in the UK, USA, and Canada.

Over the past 20 years, Margaret has helped hundreds of patients and clinicians successfully reduce stress, anxiety and increase healthy coping, well-being and performance. She has a particular interest in Practitioner Health and well-being and

has designed, delivered and evaluated risk, safety and stress inoculation and resilience training for professionals in high-intensity people services ( Medicine, Health, Social Care Police, Prison & Probation).

In addition to her work in clinical practice and academia Margaret has authored a number of evidence-based  “ science to society “ health programmes geared towards building health, well-being and optimal functioning for people in extremis and high-intensity contexts.

Margaret is actively engaged in Philanthropic service on mental health and child safety through the LIFEMATTERS Academy worldwide.



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