Infant’s Professor Keelin O’Donoghue –  – has co-authored a report that aims to develop and improve perinatal bereavement care across all of Ireland’s Maternity units.

Read/Download the report (PDF) here –

Compiled by Prof O’Donoghue, Clinical lead for Implementation, and Riona Cotter National Programme Manager,  the report highlights the dedication and hard work of healthcare professionals, support groups and voluntary organisations who work with parents bereaved through pregnancy loss and perinatal death.


Titled, The Implementation of the National Standards for Bereavement Care Following Pregnancy Loss and Perinatal Death – link: , the report also acknowledges the work and commitment in each Maternity Unit to implement the standards, as well as outlining the work still to be done.

Speaking following the launch of the report, Professor O’Donoghue said that she was grateful to all of those who contributed to the implementation programme.

“This report shows that progress has been made in the implementation of the Bereavement Standards nationally..”

“We are grateful to all the families and volunteers who shared their experiences of pregnancy loss and perinatal death with us”.

“Their experiences helped inform us of what is necessary to provide high quality bereavement care in our Maternity services”.

The final recommendations of the report are based on audit findings, expert opinion, best practice and the learning from experiences of bereaved parents and families, which should be a priority for every Maternity Unit.

Read the report here –