One of five PhD students to begin their studies at INFANT this semester, Kimia Rezaei comes to University College Cork with a great deal of academic and industry experience.

After completing a Masters in electrical engineering at Islamic Azad University in Iran during 2014, Kimia sought out and secured a role with Sahand Parsian Gharb Communication Service Company, where she developed an advanced knowledge of mobile networks and Ericsson’s sophisticated equipment and software.

During that time, Kimia also enhanced her academic profile, publishing three articles in peer reviewed journals.

Focusing each of her publications on the segmentation and classification of brain tumour images using machine learning algorithms, Kimia developed a specialism in a field that naturally aligned with INFANT’s research strengths.

Working under the supervision of Professor Liam Marnane and Dr Gordon Lightbody, Kimia will be given the opportunity to enhance her knowledge and expertise as she seeks to develop an algorithm that will measure the symptoms that trigger abnormal biosignal readings among infants.

Kimia’s PhD project leans on her most recent publication, which demonstrated how radiologists can employ machine learning algorithms and computer-aided diagnosis systems to make more informed medical decisions.

If we can accurately predict abnormal EEG and ECG signals, we can begin to pre-emptively diagnose and treat infants.

To do this, my research aims to accurately measure things like brain activity and blood pressure so that we can collect data that will help us to create an algorithm that will allow clinicians to quickly diagnose, treat and cure children.

I hope that my research will help children to grow up healthy.

Kimia is in the early stages of her study after joining the INFANT team in September. Scheduled to complete the PhD programme in 2025, Kimia is driven by an ambition to work at the intersection between healthcare and technology after she graduates.